SEO = More Money, More Influence and More Power

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Advantages to Optimizing Your Website

When you started your business, you did so because you had a goal.  Whether that goal was money, influence, or power, there was something that drove you to do the research and take the risk.

Now as you develop your website, it might seem natural to focus more on the aesthetics of your site rather than the SEO strategy. While having a pretty website is important and can be a lot of fun to design, it isn’t everything. 

If customers don’t find your site, it can be like having the coolest Halloween costume on the block, but your mom makes you wear a coat over it.

SEO helps your website to rank higher in search engine results so that people can see your wicked awesome Power Rangers costume.

More Money

Think about your own browsing habits. When you Google something, do you usually click all the way to the 13th page to find the result you’re looking for? No.  In reality, most people will click on one of the search results in the first couple pages.

This isn’t because most people are lazy, it’s just that Google (and other search engines) have gotten really good at listing the most relevant sites first. How does Google decide which sites are most relevant? They are optimized for content, readability, and user friendliness.

Content Optimization = Higher Rankings = More Web Traffic = More Customers = More Money

More Influence

You want to be a leader in your industry. You want to change the way that people view xyz.  You see a better way of doing things.  Whether you are advocating for animal welfare or have designed a new mode of clean transportation, people should know about it and they should hear about it from you.

If your website isn’t optimized, your page could be shoved into the mix with the other thousands of industrialists.

However, when your page is optimized for page authority then it can be found by news agencies, high-impact bloggers, and other market influencers. You can become an expert voice in your market sphere.

Page Authority Optimization = Better Website Exposure = More Media Exposure = More Influence

More Power

With the increase in money and influence, you naturally gain more power externally.  However, with SEO you can also gain power through the controlled messaging of your own brand.

Crisis PR Management

At some point in your entrepreneurial career, you will probably get some bad press. You Google your company’s name and there are six articles saying atrocious things about your brand. When customers Google your company, those articles are their first impression.

How do you fight back? SEO.

Push those articles down by propping your content up. The more content you create and optimize for your website, the higher your pages will rank.  The higher your pages rank, the lower theirs do.

More Optimized Content = More Pages to Display = More Power Over Your Brand’s Reputation

Unintended Search Result Listings

Let’s say that you are have started a make-up company that advertises that it can turn Shrek into Brad Pitt. If your website isn’t optimized, your site might show up in search results for Shrek or Brad Pitt – neither of which is going to be helpful for you.

While additional unrelated exposure won’t usually hurt you, it doesn’t really help you if someone isn’t looking for your product.

The more optimized your site is, the better search engines will be at pairing it to relevant search terms. These results will have a more powerful impact than loosely related, unintended search result listings.

Better Optimization = Better Search Engine Result Page Accuracy = More Powerful Listings

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